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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


February 10, 2015 Lemonade Fundraiser, Portfolio PFA

That is amazing, well done guys!

Great to see you all today.

— Fiona, Chair of the Executive Board of Pencils for Africa

The Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Lemonade Fundraiser for Portfolio PFA was a tremendous success!

In total, $500 was raised from lemonade and cookie sales which was distributed as follows:


Hilde Back Educational Fund – Transaction # 1260324103 – amount: $100

Catalyst for Peace / Fambul Tok – Receipt # 3XJ64619TN427821F – amount: $100

Bicycles Against Poverty – Transaction # 1260324127 – amount: $100

School for Life Foundation – Receipt # 0004830 – amount: $100

Nyaka Schools – Transaction # 1260324160 – amount: $100



Hilde Back Educational Fund students in Kenya

Dear Colin and the entire PFA Team,

The Hilde Back Education Fund is greatly honored to be a recipient of the proceeds from the Lemonade Fundraiser.

Thanks for enabling us to promote access to education for bright children in need and hands up for the great job!

— Sarah, Executive Director, Hilde Back Educational Fund


The Very Serious Business of Sales Negotiation

Well done team!!

And thank you SO much for your amazing support!

Warmest wishes

— Annabelle, Founding Director, School for Life Foundation


School for Life Foundation students in Uganda


Carly (counting money) and Blanche

Echoing all others, what fantastic news! How we’re quite grateful for this opportunity.

And in the amount of a bicycle!

Thank you for all the generous support. 

— Molly Burke, Executive Director, Bicycles Against Poverty


The $100 PFA donation bought a bicycle for a person in a rural area


— Paola Gianturco, Pencils for Africa Advisory Board Member


Colin, Carly, Blanche and Shannon

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