Thursday, March 17, 2016


Portfolio PFA’s

Thursday, March 17, 2016 Fundraiser


From Sponsoring Libraries …



African Library Project is a Portfolio PFA Partner


… To Building Orphanages



Nyaka orphanages in Uganda is a Portfolio PFA Partner

To Fostering Baby Elephants …



Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a Portfolio PFA Partner

$1,000 was raised today from rice crispy and lemonade sales.

This amount was distributed evenly to support 10 donor vehicles at $100 each.

Here below, in alphabetical order, are Portfolio PFA’s 10 donor vehicles.

Click on each individual name to take you to the website of each Africa-focused social enterprise.


… To Scholarships for Girls



Akili Dada in Kenya is a Portfolio PFA Partner

Acodev Uganda  – amount: $100 (ADV)

Akili Dada Scholarships  – amount: $100 (AKD)

African Library Project –  – amount: $100 (ALP)

Bicycles Against Poverty – amount: $100 (BAP)

Camme Congo – amount: $100 (CAM)

Catalyst for Peace   – amount: $100 (CAP)

Hilde Back Educational Fund – amount: $100 (HBF)

Nyaka Schools  – amount: $100 (NYK)

School for Life Foundation  – amount: $100 (SFL)

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  – amount: $100 (SWT)

Note: Portfolio PFA utilizes “3 letter ticker symbols” to abbreviate the donor preferences.

For example, Bicycles Against Poverty = “BAP”

Year-to-Date Total = $4,000

Including this current fundraiser, the PFA team has had 6 fundraisers total in the past 16 months.

(Click here to view all the 6 fundraisers within the past 16 months.)

The 6 fundraisers gives us a total of $4,000 raised for Portfolio PFA donor vehicles in Africa.

Pouring the Lemonade


Dear Carly,

That is simply fabulous news! I’m also dumbfounded that your group is able to raise $1,000 from selling rice crisps and lemonade. What is your secret? We are grateful to Paola for suggesting us to your group and for the hard work of each of your members in raising this money. 

We were proud to be included on your list of NGOs doing fine work in Africa.



Chris Bradshaw, Founder and President, African Library Project

Rice Crispy Treats Display


Dear Carly,

It humbles me so much to see and read about your dedication and involvement in support of noble causes in Africa. Congratulations to you and the team and we are soo proud of you, your team and all those involved. Your donation supports the education of Mark Rabongo who is currently in his final year of secondary school. This means a lot to him and to us as a fund.

As you do this great work, we pray that you also continue to excel in all .

All the best great PFA Team!


Sarah Wambui Njuru, Executive Director, Hilde Back Education Fund

Time to Sell to Customers


Dear Carly and Team PFA,

Congratulations on the amazing fundraiser.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support!

Well done and keep up the great work,


Annabelle Chauncy OAM,

CEO and Founding Director

School for Life Foundation Limited

Interested Customers


Dear Carly,

Thank you very much for sharing this information. Thank you to the team of those who organized the fundraiser. The money raised will go a long way and will benefit children in need.

They will learn more about your commitment to making a difference in their lives.

I was just looking at the pictures from the fundraising day and they all look look wonderful.

Keep up the good work. Sending blessings to the team from afar!


Christine Lunanga, Founder and Director, CAMME Congo

More Customers


Carly, that is really wonderful!

Pencils for Africa knocks my socks off.

Big congratulations.

Thank you all for your important work.


Paola Gianturco, Portfolio PFA Advisory Board

The Happy Accounting Team


Dear Carly,

Thank you so much and please pass our warmest to the PFA Team

In gratitude,


Purity Kagwiria, Executive Director, Akili Dada

In the end it is all about results!