Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Portfolio PFA’s

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Fundraiser


Today’s PFA fundraiser

Had a Wimbledon theme

Of cookies and lemonade 

Strawberries and Cream


Thanks to the PFA Community

Strawberries sold batch after batch

Giving us a fundraising score winner of

Game, Set and Match!


From Sponsoring Libraries …


African Library Project is a Portfolio PFA Partner


A note from African Library Project founder, Chris Bradshaw

… To Building Orphanages


Jackson Kaguri’s Nyaka orphanages is a Portfolio PFA Partner

Amazing progress and so proud of these super fundraisers!

You have all touched the lives of these children in a special way. I have said it and will say it again:

When I started Nyaka 15 years ago I knew children’s lives would be changed – but I was thinking of children in rural Uganda not the PFA children in San Francisco. Now I see that lives of children all over the world are being changed.

Thank you PFA for all you do to change the lives of so many.

Heck, we are even changing lives of baby elephants…

Thank you!



Jackson (left) and the CEO of OPPC Nicolas (right)

To Fostering Baby Elephants …


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a Portfolio PFA Partner

$1,000 was raised today from strawberries and cream sales.

This amount was distributed evenly to support 10 donor vehicles at $100 each.

Here below, in alphabetical order, are Portfolio PFA’s 10 donor vehicles.

Click on each individual name to take you to the website of each Africa-focused social enterprise.


… To Scholarships for Girls


Akili Dada in Kenya is a Portfolio PFA Partner

Acodev Uganda  – amount: $100 (ADV)

Akili Dada Scholarships  – amount: $100 (AKD)

African Library Project –  – amount: $100 (ALP)

Bicycles Against Poverty – amount: $100 (BAP)

Camme Congo – amount: $100 (CAM)

Catalyst for Peace   – amount: $100 (CAP)

Hilde Back Educational Fund – amount: $100 (HBF)

Nyaka Schools  – amount: $100 (NYK)

School for Life Foundation  – amount: $100 (SFL)

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  – amount: $100 (SWT)

Excellent work, Carly and team! Your dedication and consistency is a model and an inspiration.

And the funds will go right to the Fambul Tok communities in Sierra Leone that are leading the way in rebuilding their communities after the war and after Ebola. 

With great gratitude,


Libby Hoffman, Founder and President, Catalyst for Peace

BIG Bravo, Carly…

… and all of the hard-working Pencils for Africa team!


photo copy

Paola (left) and Purity (right)

Paola Gianturco, Executive Board Member, Pencils for Africa

Thank you so much Carly and Team!

Please pass our warmest to the PFA team and let them know we tremendously appreciate their support.



Purity Kagwiria, Executive Director, Akili Dada

Amazing!! How incredibly exciting to see the continued support and growth within Portfolio PFA!

Brings us great joy to be a part of this and to be able to use the support to bring more bikes to Uganda. 

​Thank you!​


Molly Burke, Executive Director, Bicycles Against Poverty

Carly, this is exciting news! Thanks for all the effort to this 7th fundraiser. 



Obed Kabanda, Founder and CEO, Acodev Uganda

You guys are just the greatest. I can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support for our work. Your little buddies will be so pleased in Uganda. Thanks again.

Warmest wishes,


Annabelle Chauncy OAM, Founding Director, School for Life Foundation

Dear Carly,

Greetings to you and the entire PFA team.

Congratulations for yet another successful Fundraiser. From the photos, I see you had fun. We are very grateful to be a recipient and continue to wish you all the best.



SarahNjuru 3

Sarah Wambui Njuru, Executive Director, Hilde Back Education Fund

Hi Carly,

Totally cool that you guys were able to raise $1,000 selling hand dipped strawberries.

I just returned from Botswana and Lesotho and spent a chunk of time with kids just your age. 

These kids were members of a Reading Club, a new concept in African schools that now have libraries for the first time.

Below is an image of the Vice President of the Reading Club with the first book in the Babysitters Club series. 


In this book, she learned how the secretary of the Babysitters Club took notes for the meetings and how they planned an agenda. Inspired by these ideas, she started planning an agenda for the Reading Club and now she takes minutes of their meetings.

Next year she hopes to be President of the Reading Club!

Books change lives and so are you guys.

Grateful to be part of your network,



Chris Bradshaw, Founder and President, African Library Project

Year-to-Date Total = $5,000

Including this current fundraiser, the PFA team has had 7 fundraisers total in the past 18 months.

(Click here to view all the 7 fundraisers within the past 18 months.)

The 7 fundraisers gives us a total of $5,000 raised for Portfolio PFA donor vehicles in Africa.


First things First: The “Pay Here” Sign


Setting Up


Strawberries and Cream


Discerning and Thoughtful Customers


More Customers


More and More Customers


Game, Set and Match!


[Thank you to Sarah Weitzman for the photos]