Thursday, November 12, 2015


From Uganda …


Nyaka orphanages in Uganda are a Portfolio PFA Partner

Today’s Apple Juice and Cookie Fundraiser was a tremendous success.

Much thanks in particular goes to both Great Britten and Hero Hachman.

$800 was raised from apple juice and cookie sales distributed evenly to 8 donor vehicles.

Here, in alphabetical order, are Portfolio PFA’s 8 donor vehicles.

Click on each individual name to take you to the website of each African social enterprise.


… to Kenya


Akili Dada scholarships students in Kenya are a Portfolio PFA Partner

Acodev Uganda  – amount: $100 (ADV)

Akili Dada Scholarships  – amount: $100 (AKD)

Bicycles Against Poverty – amount: $100 (BAP)

Camme Congo – amount: $100 (CAM)

Catalyst for Peace   – amount: $100 (CAP)

Hilde Back Educational Fund – amount: $100 (HBF)

Nyaka Schools  – amount: $100 (NYK)

School for Life Foundation  – amount: $100 (SFL)

Note: Portfolio PFA utilizes “3 letter ticker symbols” to abbreviate the donor preferences.

For example, Bicycles Against Poverty = “BAP”


… to Congo


Camme’s former street children in Congo are a Portfolio PFA Partner

Year-to-Date Total = $3,000

Including this current fundraiser, the PFA team has had 5 fundraisers total in the past 12 months.

(Click here to view all the 5 fundraisers within the past 12 months.)

The 5 fundraisers gives us a total of $3,000 raised for Portfolio PFA donor vehicles in Africa.

This is a wonderful way to close out the year 2015!

The Pink Ladies

APLpinkladiesThe apple juice was made from certified organic pink ladies apples.

The Business Ladies

APLbusinessThese ladies, known at PFA as the “Five Formidables” are all business.

They count the money and makes sure the sales are steadily flowing.

Great Britten


The Great Fiona Britten with her son and cookies she made

PFA Executive Board Chair Fiona Britten, now known as “Great Britten” after her tireless efforts today, baked 400 great cookies for sale. We are very grateful to Fiona for her delicious cookies!


Hero Hachman arrives in his truck with the Apple Press!

Hero Hachman

We are also very grateful to Charlotte’s Dad, who is now known as “Hero Hachman”.

Our intrepid hero navigated through the wilds of Santa Rosa to secure the apple press so the team could make and sell fresh juice. He also showed us how to operate and clean it.


Hero Hachman before giving the operational demo of the Apple Press

Preparing for the apple juice sales


Cut apples are ready to load to press


Kyle begins loading up the apple press


Ms. Weitzman manages juice sales


Sales of Great Britten’s cookies take off!


Crowds of customers begin to gather


In the business room Lucia approves!